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Charlie Manuel’s The State of the Phillies

Interviewer: “Charlie, what can you say about the current state the Phillies are in?”

Charlie: “Tricuits.  You know? those snacks them little kids like? Yea we’re like them.  You pour a little milk on them and initially they can hold their weight, but if you keep waiting a little, to about the eighth inning or so, they start to fall apart.”

Interviewer: “Strange…Ok…What make you put Carlos Ruiz in the cleanup spot?”

Charlie: “It was really a no brain-er. What did you think I was going to put that fuckstick Ty Wiggington in there?”

Interviewer: “Not sure why you would. But any explanation for Ty Wiggington’s failures with runners in scoring position?”

Charlie: “Raisins.”

Interviewer: “Char-  um.. yea ok, well what future plans do you have to revive the club?”

Charlie: “Better pitching, and better hitting. That’s what wins you ball games. I don’t know why you asked me that, it seems quite simple.”

Interviewer: “…”


Charlie Loves Dogs

Charlie loves dogs more than everything in the world, except Eric Bruntlett of course, and sometimes he gets carried away.  I was reading over on MLB.com today and noticed that he sometimes gets confused and mixes up his dogs with his starting rotation.  The article then went on to recount times where he lost the game because he gave Roy Halladay too many greenies or that time where he threw Kyle Kendrick a bone in the middle of the third inning with the bases loaded instead of walking to the mound and making a pitching change.

Here is a link to the article:

Manuel to Give Lee Longer Leash on Tuesday