Charlie’s Views on Eric Bruntlett

In today’s postgame interview with Charlie, several points were brought up such as the reasons for his ejection and the sate of the Phillies’s current winning streak, but the hot stove topic of the day was about how much Charlie misses Eric Bruntlett.  He went on to state:

“He was an absolute vital contributor to this team…The main reason we are in the slump we are currently in is because we don’t have him backing up that new shit-stick Galvis like he did exceptionally for Utley.  His swan hands…oh his swan hands were a thing of beauty…”

After he continued to stress the importance Bruntlett’s celebration after hitting a double in the world series, he had this to say regarding the chemistry he created in the clubhouse:

“…day in and day out, he brought everything to the table.  Weather it was the turkey sliders or the mashed potatoes, we always knew we were going to win the game when he walked in with his bright blue hat and dead fish…”

The atmosphere in the room became exceptionally positive and people swear they saw a few tears running down Ruben Amaro’s cheek after he supposidly realized the catastrophe he caused upon this team by letting him go to play in the lingerie football league in Dallas.

The final question was asked, “If you could do one thing to bring back the should-have-been-all-star that was Eric Bruntlett, what would it be?” where he emotionally responded with:

“I would give up my weekly impromptu Nickelback dance-offs with Papelbon. I contemplate pointing a nail gun down my throat and duck taping the trigger down every time I check my lineup card and realize he’s not there.”

Unfortunately the transcript cuts off there, but I’m sure this moving topic will surface in the near future.


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